Friday, October 10, 2008


As you know, I bought 'RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE' recently from a Singapore local CD-shop. So I decided to rip it and share it with those who are interested:

1. RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE (Straight Run)
2. RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE (NYC Uptown remix)
3. RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE (Instrumental)

Download at NNN Forum



namielover said...

where can i get the remix of what a feeling which is playing on the site?

it sounds great!

Anonymous said...

how awesome! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! that's so cool you have like an original rare single. =[ i wish they sold them here in America

Libertine said...

First time comment.

I really like this song, I wish she performs it again in her upcoming tour. you know it looks like she won't perform any of TK's works nowaday (except Chase the Chance & Can You Celebrate) but I really want to see her performing this song again on stage as this song is awesome and has been my all time favourite. Thanks for uploading the whole single for us.

Anonymous said...

I second the WHAT A FEELING remix!

JJ said...

thanks for posting!! all my jpop is at my parents' house on the other side of the country :(

Tomoe said...

I got mine on and got some other stuff at cosplay in Dallas Texas..They always have some old CDs of Amuro's..