Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Report of Namie 2008 Visit to Taiwan.

Here is a report of what namie did during her 2 days visit to Taiwan:

On the first day of her visit, she went to tv show called 「娛樂@亞洲」(Entertainment @ Asia) hosted by 侯佩岑 (Patty Hou PeiCen).

Patty Hou mentioned that she idolized namie when she was in high school and even did her eyebrows similar to namie's! Namie replied smilingly that her image was all created by her and her stylist, and many a times namie wanted to cut her hair short but always being refused by her hair-stylist. Namie also mentioned in the interview that she dislike mascara & nail polish very much. Because she like feeling natural and having them makes her felt very uncomfortable even though she's used to it. Namie also said that ever since she became famous, she can no longer take a walk at normal places and when she's feeling down, she will always voice out her frustration to her pet dogs! Because of her shy personality, she doesn't have much friends in the showbiz. She has 51 contact no. in her mobile but more then half of them belongs to people from her work place.

It is not until 9pm before she can have her own free time doing shopping and having dinner. Immediately, she went to a local 'SOGO' shopping mall together with 10 security guards. Although the security was tight, there were still media taking photos of her which made namie felt really uneasy. In the end, she went into stores like [on pedder], [a.testoni],[FENDI] but only stopped for not more then 10 minutes in each stores. It was reported that she never spent any money on the shopping trip.

Finally, namie went to a restaurant called "凡间食谱" (Viand Chinese Cuisine) and they ordered more then 10 dishes of food. Namie's favorites are "梅菜扣肉" (Steamed pork with preserved vegetables) and "杏仁豆腐" (Almond Tofu). They also ordered 6 bottles of beer and spent around 10,000TWD or 300USD. Namie returned to her hotel at around 11pm.

On the 30th of Jan, namie canceled having lunch outside and stayed in her hotel until the afternoon because she was not feeling well. She arrived in the airport, looking tired and her face was covered by her hat. Even though she did not said a word while leaving, she smiled and waved to her fans and also took a stuff toy given by one of the fans.

I think that this time round, she went through a rather brief and uninteresting trip to taiwan, compared to her visit in 2004.



Anonymous said...

aw, poor Namie.... i just wanna cuddle her up and be her friend...

Oniru said...

That's horrible, so she can't live like she wants. Her staff looks bad. They don't want that Namie do her image herself...

She has only her dogs for her ! :| But she's not a animal Hey ! O_O

Like the post next to mine, I would like being her friend to help her. -_-

Kenshen said...

lol, Namie is so strange. But o so fascinating.

It's sad that she couldn't even shop in peace though, Paparazzi ruining our Namie's fun!

Anonymous said...

oh namie , i don't mind to be your friend too~ Namie is always the queen of hip-pop!~

how i hope i was in TW , envy taiwanese ...

hope namie can come SG too =D