Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Namie's photos from Yahoo Taiwan

Here are some photos of namie arriving in Taipei's airport and press conference from Yahoo.com.tw :



Kenshen said...

lol, what's she wearing under her torn jeans?! I sense a new fashion trend in Japan

Ayumi said...

Nice to meet you.I'm Ayumi,japanese girl.I'm a kind of "crazy funs" of namie amuro!
I have a question to you.
Do you live in Japan?
And,where are you from?

I have my blog too.
My blog is not only Namie but my daily thing,Kazuya Kamenasi who is a japanese idle,and so on.
But,if you can't understand japanese,my blog is not interesting to you.Because my blog are all wrriten in japanese...


This link is a page of my blog that appers my photo I cosplayed "Hide&Seek" for going to Namie's consert!