Sunday, January 6, 2008

NNN hits the big 50K !!! Thank You!

After 70 days (I started the hits-count on 29.9.2007), NNN reached 50,000 hits!!!

Thanks for your support!

People all over the world are visiting here so..

谢谢! ありがとう ございます! 감사합니다!

Caam Ungh! Kop kun krap/ka! Terima Kasih!

Merci! Gracias! Danke(schön)! Obrigado/da! Dziękuję!

Thank you! ^_^

Here are pics of -2008 New Year Card- from Namie Fanclub :

scans from


Kenshen said...

No, Thank you for bringing us always the latest Namie news, your blog is a pleasure to read. Happy new year

btw, the picture you posted seems to not be working, can you please send it to my e-mail please?

Beshop said...

Yeah, your blog roxxxx :p

C'est avec plaisir, ton blog est super :)

Beshop from France.


Congratulations on reaching that milestone. I'm happy to have contributed to that! ;) here's to more Hits! :)

JOhn from New York City

Jon said...

This blog is AWESOME

You do a great job!! And deserve all the best

Thanks for all the info and pictures!! And if it depends on me, at least one more hit each day LOL

Jon from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Anonymous said...

LOL no thank you! Without you most of us would know nothing on Namie's latest news. Thank you so much for putting your time into this site. I'm very grateful and I'm sure everyone else who comes here, is too! Yay! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

omg namie with the froggy face is too cute!

and thank you for bringing us the namie news.