Monday, January 7, 2008

Namie presents 'Inspiration Award' to Janet Jackson

On 'Video Music Award Japan' 2004, namie presented the 'Inspiration Award' to her idol, Janet Jackson. When namie was still a student at Okinawa Actor School, they uses Janet's music videos for their dance lessons. As a result, namie was inspired by Janet Jackson to dance well. ^_^

Here's the video:



Kenshen said...

Great video. Namie meets her idol! Anyhow, you can really see where Namie learned from Janet from this dance, and she looked so happy at the end when she got to present the award to Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's cool! It was recorded from german TV xD I think I watched it when it was aired ^^v
Thanks for the vid!

himawari said...

you can really see namie really inspired by janet in her "no" choreography in qohp concert.

Anonymous said...

wow interesting!
not only does she get to meet her idol but even gets to give her an award too!
Watching Janet dance seemed as if i was watching namie dance due to the similar routines.