Thursday, January 10, 2008

Namie BBQ Party @ Okinawa 2002

Here are clips of namie having fun at a bbq party at okinawa back in 2002, for the 'MUSIC FEST PEACE OF RYUKYU 2002'.

Many of you may not believe it but namie is very passionate about food! Especially barbeque & oily food! You really can't tell when looking at her petite size though... :P



Anonymous said...

i can never seem to get any of them Vlog clips to play.

Anonymous said...

LOL seems like she had fun. LOL it's funny when she tries to light the fireworks.

Kenshen said...

haha, she 's terrified of explosions.

So cute.

Beshop said...

here the same complete video :)

Anonymous said...

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