Friday, January 11, 2008

Namie Amuro New 3-A Single 12.03.2008 On Sale!

Namie will be releasing her new 32th single on 12th of March 2008. Most likely it will feature the new cm song for Vidal Sassoon. It will have CD-only/CD+DVD version.

According to HMV:
「Fashion、Music、Vidal Sasoon」をキーワードに大展開が予定されているプレミアプムヴィダルサスーンとの大型タイアップ楽曲3曲+PVを収録した豪華シングル盤!

It says the single will have 3 songs and the DVD will contain 3 PVs!! That is the reason why the single's price is higher than her regular singles!


Neowing | cdjapan


Neowing | cdjapan