Friday, September 21, 2007

Some artworks i did recently

Haha ^_^ Share with everyone some artworks I made out of boredom :P

I was thinking, since namie mentioned about 'cosplay' on her 'PLAY cover, then why are there only 2 different 'cosplays'? Police-officer and air-stewardess. Why not have more!

So i created them ^_^ :

Boxer namie

Tennis-player namie

Biker namie

Racer namie

Fashion-model namie

Ain't they nice? ^_^


Myles said...

I LOVE BIKER NAMIE!!!!!! These are KAWAII!!! THen I go to my itunes and replace the songs with all of these covers! ^_^ Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love your artworks !

There are really beautiful