Friday, September 21, 2007

On lighter notes...

On the lighter notes and more introduction to my blog,

- it's started on the day after namie's birthday ! Meaning, every year namie celebrates her birthday, it's an anniversary of my blog! How interesting! ^_^

- My favourite namie's fansite was but it stopped updating 1 month ago. Sad. So It makes me felt like doing something better then that website :P Hence, NNN was borned !

- You may ask... Will your blog stop updating like My answer: no really ^_^;
Why? I'd been providing updates and news of namie since 2003 on varies forum e,g,, and I never stop even until now. Why would I stop in the future?

- I'll only stop when namie ended her career(which I hope will never happened!) or I lost interest in namie (which I KNOW will never happen!). SO there's no reason why NNN will be dead ^_^

- On the last note, I will not only update the latest namie news frequently, I will occasionally post some news from other jpop artists i love e.g utada hikaru, BoA, tomiko van, YUI, angela aki and yuna ito. So you are interested in any of these artists, make sure to check them out here ^_^

-and i'll post some random namie's pics or youtube i saw here when there's really nothing new from namie. I hope you all dun mind :P

Ok, finally let us enjoy the next 10 years of namie together !

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Carolina said...

Great Job! I'm a fan of namie since 2010 and your page has been of great help to find out more about Amuro-chan.

I always keep a link to your page on my home tabs ;)

Thank you for all the hard work!