Sunday, September 16, 2018

Thank You for 25 years of wonderful journey!


1992.09.16 - 2018.09.16

Today it's the official retirement day for Namie-chan...

Thank you for 25 years of great music and wonderful dances. 




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CQ said...

Hey Namie News Network, I haven't been leaving any comments on this site but I do come check out news about namie from time to time. While I'm happy/sad about namie's retirement (happy because the last year has been so successful and it really served as a great ending to her already legendary career; sad, of course, to see her go), I think I (and many other visitors to your website too) owe you a thank you as well!!

Thank you for being in touch and keeping us updated about Namie.
Thank you for tirelessly posting stuff that Namie fans would love to know/see (oricon chart sales etc).
Thank you for being here with us, with all the other namie fans around the world.

Namie has certainly changed my life, leading me to where I am right now.
You have also played an important role for Namie fans as well.
So, a long over-due,

otsukaresama deshita (if you read japanese).

Take care!
Cyrus :)