Friday, October 20, 2017

Best Album 'Finally' full details





Disc 1
01. ミスターU.S.A. (new recording)
02. 愛してマスカット (new recording)
03. PARADISE TRAIN (new recording)
04. TRY ME ~私を信じて~ (new recording)
05. 太陽のSEASON (new recording)
06. Body Feels EXIT (new recording)
07. Chase the Chance (new recording)
08. Don't wanna cry (new recording)
09. You're my sunshine (new recording)
10. SWEET 19 BLUES (new recording)
11. a walk in the park (new recording)
12. CAN YOU CELEBRATE? (new recording)
13. How to be a Girl (new recording)
14. I HAVE NEVER SEEN (new recording)
15. RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE (new recording)
16. NEVER END (new recording)

Disc 2
17. Say the word (new recording)
18. I WILL (new recording)
19. SO CRAZY (new recording)
20. GIRL TALK (new recording)
21. WANT ME, WANT ME (new recording)
22. CAN'T SLEEP, CAN'T EAT, I'M SICK (new recording)
23. Baby Don't Cry (new recording)
24. FUNKY TOWN (new recording)
25. NEW LOOK (new recording)
26. ROCK STEADY (new recording)
27. WHAT A FEELING (new recording)
28. Dr. (new recording)
29. Break It (new recording)
30. Get Myself Back (new recording)
31. Fight Together (new recording)
32. Tempest (new recording)
33. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! (new recording)
34. Love Story (new recording)

Disc 3
35. arigatou (new recording)
36. Damage (new recording)
37. Big Boys Cry (new recording)
38. Contrail (new recording)
39. TSUKI (new recording)
40. Red Carpet
41. Mint
42. Hero
43. Dear Diary
44. Fighter
45. Christmas Wish
46. Just You and I
47. Hope (new song)
48. In Two(new song
49. How do you feel now?(new song
50. Showtime (new song)
51. Do It For Love(new song
52. Finally(new song
全 52曲を収録

・Red Carpet
・Dear Diary
・Just You and I
・Christmas Wish
・In Two
・How do you feel now?
・Do It For Love

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Micahceous said...

Interesting that it doesn't include any songs from _genic, I guess because it's such a unique album compared to her other stuff. Also a shame we will never get a proper album release version of the SPEED STAR.