Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Uncontrolled" Week 2 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "Uncontrolled"

Position: #1

Week 2: 79,003
Total: 371,101



Anonymous said...

shes is way better than ayumi hamasaki party queen wow and many other japanese artist including koda kumi japaneseque very cool love it:) go NAMIE :)

Anonymous said...

^ I'm so happy for namie but.. Ayumi hamasaki's album called party queen was horrible, so I'm ok with he sales. But, koda kumi's japonesque was an awesome album which could've sold pretty good but she didn't promote. I mean namie is promoting herself greatly which is awesome but. Kumi couldn't really promote because of her pregnancy+marriage. I do know what you mean but it's mean to dizz other artists without actually analyzing the situation.

Anonymous said...

^the only thing that namie did to promote her album is by appearing in different magazines and by going to different radio stations in Japan, she promoted her album yes, but that is only a small thing if you promote your album on different Music Programs :D

Anonymous said...

No fizz or disrespect but amuro is very popular free releasing best fiction she has been in a row with number ones like it has been said amuro is one of the best selling female artist of all time Japan And will always be :) I love her