Sunday, June 24, 2012

'Hot Girls' music video



Anonymous said...

I had a little more hope for this PV, but it wasn't that bad I guess. If they were going for the whole "model catwalk" theme, they should have given her more outfits to show off. Everyone knows Amuro can walk with the best of them haha.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like another English song, so that would be 3 all together. So crazy and exciting. I want to get this album. 3 English songs in one album, it's a must.

Anonymous said...

It's actually 5 English songs. Yeah-Oh and Go Round will also be in English.

Anonymous said...

Yeah-Oh and Go Round aren't in English, are they? I'm pretty sure I heard Japanese in those songs unless they are making English versions of the songs and putting them on the album. But I'm certain I heard Japanese on those two songs.

Anonymous said...

Those two songs are in Japanese but maybe they put them in English. This music video was okay and the song too.

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