Friday, May 25, 2012

namie amuro DOME TOUR 2012

Namie will be holding a national 5 major dome tour: "namie amuro 5 Major Dome TOUR 2012 〜20th Anniversary Best〜" from November to December 2012. You can also vote for the singles you wish Namie to perform during the dome tour.

More info here:



Anonymous said...

OMFG!!!!! This news really made my day~ I'm so damn happy right now! She last toured Domes in 1997. Yeah I´m very excited to see her in domes again after so much time.

Owh trust me this is gonna be EPIC.
All hail queen namie!

Anonymous said...

You guys can vote for the songs here

Anonymous said...

OMG this is once in a life time im gonna go all out - but need some of you kind fans to help me out - i'm in the states, i'll do whatever it takes to get tix. Does anyone of you belong to the fan club already and can help me preorder tix? or even just to buy tix? i know this sounds crazy but i would love to make this happen. i feel like it's not or never so i'm gonna go all out. Weijie, would you be going?? any help would be appreciated!! please email me at

fingers crossed. thx in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I so hope this is going to be filmed! >.<" I must sees it! O_O