Friday, April 20, 2012

"Go Round/YEAH-OH" Week 4 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "Go Round/YEAH-OH"

Week 4: 2,177
Total: 60,989



wondering said...

I did come to check how my ex-favorite artist was doing and huh, what happened to her? Selling this bad? ._. Maybe 'cause I stopped supporting her, lol.

But her new songs are way badder than her previous ones. If I were still her fan, I would be like "They're good as wild." but since I don't listen her anymore, I can tell with my 'opened eyes' which are liberated from fanblur so I can see more than fans. Or maybe it's just my altered music taste.

Maybe you should take break Namie?

Anonymous said...

Her album will do much better =]

Anonymous said...

The album will be a great hit i Think.
i Read it will be realesed in July or in June and it will get 4 new songs. so it means it something like the Best Fiction album. And all 4 new songs will get a pv. Really looking forward to it =)

@wondering said...

@wondering Your EX favorite artist doesn't need your support since she just outsold every soloist this year in 1 week, and is heading toward her 2nd #1