Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!/Love Story' Week 2 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!/Love Story"

Position: #4

Week 2: 28,389
Total: 106,127



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Anonymous said...

WOW! in 2 weeks she broke the 100k !
That's cool!!

Anonymous said...

just curious, why doesn't SSWD have a video for it? i thought it was a double A single.

Anonymous said...

I'm predicting that S!S!W!D! will have a PV filmed and it'll be included on the DVD of the still to be announced album. :-)

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r said...

Remember that Violet Sauce was an A-side and didn't get a video either (only White Light did), so she's done this before.

I hope we do get a vid for it, but it's possible that they didn't think one was necessary since the single already has a good tie-in to promote it (and so doesn't need more than one video for promotion).

We'll see in time... :)