Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!/Love Story' Covers & Tracklist



01. Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!
02. Love Story
03. Higher
04. Sit!Stay!Wait!Down! (Instrumental)
05. Love Story (Instrumental)
06. Higher (Instrumental)

Love Story (Music Video)



jt said...

Wowww!!!! These are excellent!!! This is a totally different style for her! Thanks for posting and thanks for the high-res quality!!

Anonymous said...

For real?! No SSWD music video? I'm disappointed...

Anonymous said...

Note that there's a Xmas card 1st press bonus at shops like CDJapan & mu-mo ;P

Anonymous said...

another triple single! I love it. Sad to see her more upbeat songs wont get music vids but that just makes me anticipate the live performances even more. She certainly is making up for only releasing 1 maybe 2 singles a year since 2008. Now the question remains, will her other song be another single, or a track from a 2012 album?

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Arigatou is on her new album, whenever that comes around. O_O So much anticipation!

Anonymous said...

Arigatou will be a Christmas track. I guess when Higher ends or Love Story there may be a hidden track with ARIGATOU. And if there is an Album for 2012 I am pumped. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure its a hidden track? Or is it just another rumor?

Anonymous said...

On Amazon and other sites to order the new single, there is a Christmas card or jack and it is suppose to be on there. If not then bummer. Because this is a good song gone wrong.