Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Previews of "Sit!Stay!Wait!Down! / Love Story"

Here are the opening and ending themes songs for the drama 'The reason I can't find my love':


Love Story



Anonymous said...

wow =)

Anonymous said...

The Voice of the Queen of JPOP!! She always gets me!

kiyoikou said...

Love both songs! Can't wait till the full things come out! Does anybody know what happened to 'Higher' and 'Arigatou'?

Anonymous said...

Namie is releasing another single this year!! I cant believe it!!
The previews sounds promising!! Me like it!! kekekek
-Now Cant wait for the Pv's!
Hope it's better than her last ones!!
*crossing fingers*

Anonymous said...

OH! Namie is spoiling us!! right???
This year she is going fierce!

jamila said...

I love already Love story!! It's sooooooo beautiful!!
reminds me of The meaning of us! TOT sooo sad yet u beautiful!

Mika87 said...

Sit!Stay!Wait!Down! What a title!xD I wonder if it's a dog song or means to treat your man like a dog ?? I dont know cant wait for the trans.
Oh!! and this title is even better than CSCEIS one , if u ask me!!
Also , the drama seems good to me!
btw , does anyone know where can i watch it??