Saturday, October 29, 2011

'LIVE STYLE 2011' Tour Book

Scanned by square1224



Anonymous said...

where can i get one? i really want to buy that tour book! please tell me someone! please!! >___<

Yanik said...

It's incredible! She never looked better, simply irresistable. Looking at pictures makes me want to buy a copy too, though I never had interest in such things. Namie rocks hard :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for uploading this!!! Love Namie!

fabiohiro said...

That's amazing!!! She's perfect!! Thanks a lot for uploading!!!

Anonymous said...

On CDjapan I can get this for around $100 (shipping included).

I am tempted

jt said...

omg these are breathtaking!! thank you so much for posting these! I wouldn't have seen them otherwise. this is her best photoshoot imo. these will make great wallpapers for my comp. thank you so much!!!! Namie 4ever!!

Angeline08 said...

I love ALL these PIC!!!

Anonymous said...

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