Saturday, August 27, 2011

'NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest' Week 3 & 4 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest"

Week 3: 6,896
Total: 81,521

Week 4: 4,753
Total: 86,274



Anonymous said...

NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest sold more than Break it/Get Myself Back. It is really awesome! I am so happy. Her sales are getting better. Higher and ARIGATOU is going to be an amazing single. I see that Fight Together will not be on her new upcoming album. The sound of her new album will take a more electronic dance feel with three power house ballads. Higher will be in the new Coca Cola Zero CM and ARIGATOU (Thank You) is a new ballad. Expect a new album late December to early January of 2012. I am excited.

1. Naked
3. Break It
4. Get Myself Back
5. Higher

Anonymous said...

Where did you get this information from?

Anonymous said...

You do know that most likely one song from each single will be on the album, or perhaps none (60s70s80s

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope so. I figure that is my hypothesis. No real big clue on. Some people on a blog really think Namie might pull a SpeedStar and not put Fight Together or Break It on the album. We do have a good number of songs from her. I put together her new music which she is going for a danceable feel to electronic and a few ballads. Plus it has been surfacing that she is perfoming to new songs. Higher and a new balled, titled Arigatou. SO I thought, why not put it down as a tracklist. This may or may not happen. I hope that she keeps all three and makes PV's for her two new songs. Namie is promoting quite differently and I like it. She has endorsed more products, and is doing an anniversary tour and will may or may not put out an album. I want Fight Together to be on the album. Who Knows!?? What Namie is doing, but I am loving her new music. :)
Sorry for the confusion. Does anyone have any more good opinions or thoughts that namie could be doing.

Anonymous said...

No way. Why is that.

Anonymous said...

But what would be the point in that. Maybe a new transition or more sales. I don't know. I would keep all the songs,but, I really want to know what Namie is up to. I know I will love it but I am completely bummed I am not there in Japan going to her tours and hearing higher and this new ballad, ARIGATOU. At least give me some deets in which direction she is headed with her music. Any new information on her tour or possible new album.

KINGRPG said...

I love all her songs and albums. Her voice is great and she looks pretty, too.