Friday, May 20, 2011

New 2011 Triple A-side single. Coming soon in July!

Namie's management company 'Visionfactory' has just released information regarding the up-coming single that will be releasing on July 27th. The single will include three songs.

"NAKED" is a dance track written and produced by Shinichi Osawa (whom also produced "WHAT A FEELING" and "ROCK U") and lyrics by VERBAL (m-flo). It'll be used as the commercial song for "Kose ESPRIQUE" .

"Fight Together" is the opening theme song for 'ONE PIECE' anime, written and produced by Nao'ymt.

The third will have a huge tie-in but no other information was revealed.



Yanik said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!
I've been waiting for this! :)

Anonymous said...

YES! YES! I thought I was the only one screaming and I open the blog post and see your comment. Lol! I am so excited for this single. We get another What a feeling. But it sounds so much BETTER. Three songs one of which we have heard. I am just so happy.

Anonymous said...

I WANT IT NOW!!!! >____<

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! So stoked!! Is naked the song we hear in the kose commercials? Or are they making more CM? Because if it's the song being used now this song is going to be pretty awesome. O_O

Anonymous said...

Same, I knew that the Kose Esprique CM was going to be her song. It sounds fierce and dancey. I love Namie even more. I want the single to go straight to Number 1. I am stoked about the third single. So is it a triple A side. Maybe. :) I don't care I want new music. I wonder if her 10 studio album will be out of this world. I want more dancing and singing. I want huge tours and Arena's. I want to meet Namie! She is just out doing herself. :) Love her.

jt said...

Super excited!!!!!!! I love that Namie consistantly releases new music!! There are no 4 year gaps between releases.

P.S. - The new layout looks awesome!!!

riho.y said...

so very exciting!!
i can't wait it!!!! :(

your blog is very great!!!
im respect!
I want you to teach how to make. ;)

in addition, i come!
see you!