Tuesday, May 3, 2011

'Checkmate!' Week 1 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "Checkmate!"

Position: #1

Week 1: 252,889
Total: 252,889



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh yes!! (ps i bought one too, yay)

Anonymous said...

Considering what has happened to Japan this year, the sales are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

yesss she out sold koda kumi with her awful Dejavu!!. She also out sold ayumi with love songs. Namie is seriously getting her throne back!!. Imagen if japan wouldn't have suffered through the flood. I think she would've sold even more

jt said...

I love the album! I just wish a remastered version of "Uh Uh..." would have been included :(

After Checkmate came out, I revisited her Suite Chic project, and OMG that album is flawless!!!

Anonymous said...

Namie is nominated for two branches.Let's vote.


・Best Video of the Year
安室奈美恵 "Break It"

・Best Collaboration Video
AI "FAKE feat. 安室奈美恵"

Anonymous said...

Just wait until ayu releases something new this year. !!! namie is going down like the dirty dog she really is!!!. She could never be or beat ayu at anything. SORRY FANS but she means nothing to the music buss when it comes down to ayu. The girl doesn't even get invited to a nation. ?? even koda does?? What kind of queen is that?? Everyone is getting excited just cause she sold like what 252,889 copies! On her first week. Wops ayu sold 280,048 in less than a week so WTF. The girl doesn’t even receive awards every year, when ayu does. Seriously if the world would dare to count all ayu’S awards , pleaseEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE we would never finish. AYU IS A QUEEN, NAMIE IS JUST A SAD OLD WANNA BE, PICKING UP AFTER HER destroyed AND NOT TO MENTION PATHETIC CARRIER. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A LOSER

Anonymous said...

Fourth week and already number two in annual charts of 2011....so far

Anonymous said...

Lol at the anonymous who said ayu is queen. And your facts are also wrong, since best fiction, every album namie released has outsold every ayu album releases in the same year. Ohh yeah and love songs selling 280,000 copies in less than a week is bullshit cuz it's been out since December n has sold only around 270,000 - 275,000...

Also, namie hardly promotes and still sells more