Sunday, April 10, 2011

'One Piece' theme song "Fight Together"



Anonymous said...

i dig it

jt said...

it's pretty good.

I haven't watched any OnePiece, but I've really enjoyed Fairy Tail! (Their artwork look similar to me)

Jo said...

Honestly, it doesn't sound like a Namie song to me, but it's growing on me.

Anonymous said...

It's so differebt. I really love it. I haven't heard a song like this in a while. Namie is doing it. I love it so much. It makes me smile and cry. But it gives me hope. :) Go Namie!

Anonymous said...

This song is interesting, and One Piece has been one of my favorites for a while now. The song is a bit "happy" and "immature" sounding but it's not bad. I wonder if it will be released at all or if it will only be on the One Piece OSTs.

Cherry Blossom said...

This song is so not NAMIE AMURO but I <3 It. It bring back fun memories.

Anonymous said...

It sounds very good and goes well with One Piece. I'm looking forward to hearing new songs from Ms. Amuro. LOL

Anonymous said...

check this out, Japanese people say that ayu has more money than namie :

ayu, adding NT1100 million more for the victims
Namie donated NT1830 million, the biggest donor among all japanese artistes

To date, namie has donated 5000 million yen while ayu donated NT 1280 million.
Upon seeing the devastating aftermath of the tsunami and quake, Namie donated 5000million yen for the restructuration works, while ayu has collaborated with fashion magazine, Vivi, with the sale of charity shirts. However, ayu was criticized online for using the money of others to do charity works, while she herself did not use her own money.
In actual fact, ayu has already donated NT180 million but just to counter what many has speculated, she continued to increase her donations by 3000million yen (NT1100 million) and also donating all the profits earned from the sale of the tshirts to charity. Despite so, there are some who felt that she should have donated even more since her entire wealth exceeds that of Namie’s.

1. Namie NT1830m
2. Ayu NT1280m
3. Glay NT728m
4. Dreams come true NT360m

The value of the remaining's donors were not announced

Anonymous said...

Wow. Where is the sourceof this information, so I can read on. I mean it is true Ayumi is the richest asian female artist. With a Net worth of $400 million. I am still proud of all of their efforts to contribute to the victimsof the tsunami. I am a fan of the two.

Anonymous said...

Namie Amuro is supposedlyreleasing a new single. Fire Sotne ~endless story~ which is said to be a fake. I have no idea if it is trueor not. But the single whether fake or not is said to be a triple A side single.

Fire Stone~endless story~
1. Fight Together
2.Cosmetic Energy
3. Power Love feat. Verbal

Who knows if it is true or not. I am just excited for a new single from her and her new album after Checkmate. It should be released early 2012. I am excited. :)

Anonymous said...

does anyone know when this cd "we fight together" will be released? i want to hear the whole song not only 2min!!

namie_lover said...

waw it's great song great lyric great anime. namie you're the best, if there's any i'm waiting for the mv