Thursday, June 24, 2010

No.1 on Oricon Half-Year album chart


人気歌手・安室奈美恵のオリジナルアルバム『PAST<FUTURE』(2009年12 月発売)が、2010年の『オリコン上半期ランキング』アルバムセールス部门で56.6万枚を売上げ、1992年にデビュー以来、初めて上半期アルバム首位に立った。女性アーティストによる上半期アルバム首位は、2004年に宇多田ヒカルが『Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1』で记录して以来、6年ぶり。。

'Past < Future' is the best selling album in the first half of 2010. This is her first album to top Oricon's half year chart since her debut and also the first album from a female singer to top the chart in 6 years, since Utada Hikaru's SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1.



Yanik said...

Yes, that's Namie! Go girl! :)

Anonymous said...

yes! that's her for sure!

hope sale's amount will increase during her next single promo ( even though "break it/get myself back" is not in the PAST<FUTURE album) + with the dvd tour release ( won't happen before next christmas i guess)

My point is "congrats Namie for now"!lol