Saturday, May 1, 2010

'Past < Future' Week 18 & 19 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "Past < Future"

Week 18: 1,083
Total: 559,688

Week 19: 1,010
Total: 560,698



Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! Namie you got 560k .
I'm so happy to know that you're still leading the 2010 album charts!!!

You deserves it!!
Hope you can get 600k soon with the help of you Pu<

Anonymous said...

In case you can't read Japanese, this site is saying that after Namie and her new bf got back from their trip, a sex tape sort of thing was circulating on the web. The picture does not seem clear so I don't believe its her, but if it is I'm going to be disappointed.

UH+ said...

^If you noticed, Namie is a rather 'flat-chested' kind of body. I don't think she has such huge boobs like in the picture...

Anonymous said...

its not her, as the person above said, Namie doesnt have that big of boobs, also notice the girl in the picture doesnt have any tattoos on her left arm, and also the person in the picture seems a bit heavier than Namie. anyway if Namie does those types of things (makes sex tapes) it would be disappointing but she's an adult and she will do what adults do :( lol but Namie doesnt seem like that type of girl, she's VERY private so any type of sex tape ever would seem unlikely.