Friday, February 19, 2010

WOOFIN' March 2010 *updated*

High quality scans of 'WOOFIN' March 2010:

scanned by [wmc]


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering her tattoo looks on the one picture so bright. She isnt about to getting it removed?

asva said...

I´m thinking the same but what was the sense of taking that picture? I mean showing the tattoo like that, if she doesn´t wonna show it she would covered it since she is removering no?

She can remove those tattoos though

Anonymous said...

Actually, she's removing the tatoos of her right hand. The barcode one and the floral one.

Jon said...

woofin03b is the same one from the medium scans. is there no HQ scan of that picture? it is my favorite.

UH+ said...

^It's fixed. Thanks for letting me know.