Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Past < Future' Week 1 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "PAST < FUTURE"

Position: #1
Total Sales: 330,742



rumie said...

ooh over 330 000 sales on first week! <3 go go!

Anonymous said...

yay she beat Ayumi Hamasaki with NEXT LEVEL!

Anonymous said...

that's great! hope her album will continue to domiante the chart =)

Amura said...

300k+ for first week... is that good or bad, for japanese charts in 2009?

Anonymous said...

think of it this way since the album release on the 16th its been on number 1 so you figure that one out . of course that is good for japanese charts remember her best fiction 1 week sales were nearly 700k because it was a GREATEST HITS ALBUM

Anonymous said...

her PLAY album sold about 500,000-600,000, so for her new album to get 300,000 in it's first week seems pretty good to me. It's good to see Namie climbing the charts again, each album since STYLE gets better and better

Anonymous said...

Yay go namie! How much did ayu's next level sell in it's first week? Hopefully this album will soon sell 1,000,000+

Anonymous said...

Ayumi Hamasaki , Next level album sold :
Oricon Daily Chart --> "1" position
Oricon Weekly Chart "1" with 240,810
Oricon Monthly Chart "1" with 377,872Oricon Yearly Chart"16" with 377,872

AMuro Namie PAST<FUTURE absolutely surpassed her NEXT LEVEL !!!
Namie rules!!
love her album and she deserves its success .Hope her a good 2010 year with full of happinnes.

Anonymous said...

I cycled today while listening to "Past<Future"---power output was up 6.8%!