Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Trip: 19 Dec - 21 Dec

I will be going for a short holiday trip tomorrow, from 19 Dec to 21 Dec.

Until then enjoy the new deco I had put up for the coming Christmas.

See ya!



zahra said...

Have a nice holiday!

Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip... where is the white light remix from, by the way? I would love to download it!

Anonymous said...

love the White Light remix~~
I want to have it as well!

Karaoke said...

Happy Holidays

the song is beautiful :)

jt said...

Have fun!!!! This song is perfect!

Anonymous said...

here is the download link for the white light remix
What am I gonna do for those days! I visit this site everyday! Come back soon! and have a nice, fun, safe trip! thank you so much for putting all this work into this blog! It's AMAZING! almost 2,000,000 views!