Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bought my copy of 'Past<Future'

Just bought my copy of 'Past<Future' at S$22.95 from CD-Rama, Ang Mo Kio Jubilee Entertainment Centre. Although I'm not a fan of digipak package, I must say I like the mat texture of it more than the glossy surface of 'BEST FICTION'. And the cover actually look nicer on the actual thing than I imagined. But too bad the Singapore pressing of the album does not comes with the Chinese translation booklet that the Tawian/Hong Kong edition has.

Overall I'm rather impressed with Warner Music Singapore for having the album out less than 2 weeks after the Japanese release. Good job!



Chrissy said...

I bot it last Fri at MJ..
Wanted to ask my fren in tw now to get for me but in the end, i got the sg version!

jt said...

congratulations!! you're so lucky!!!

MayMay said...

Actually it should have the chinsese translation cos when i open mine, got a sticker that stated 'Chinese translation booklet will be included' but i think they must have taken out during repacking. who is the one who do the repacking? so blur queen or king!!!

Meat Pao said...

Hey, just a little note to add that BEST FICTION is also mat for the Japan press, but don't know why Singapore go and make the digipak glossy.