Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Profile image of Namie on!

Apparently, a new artist's profile picture was found under '安室奈美惠' on by this blogger. It looked like Namie holding up her own 'BEST FICTION' poster and about to tear it into half, revealing a new image for her upcoming album cover or a scene from a new PV?

credit [Catslaughing]


Anonymous said...

cool hoodie?

zahra said...

Hoodie? She isn't wearing a hoodie.

r said...

There's no hoodie... but in other forums I've come across other ppl who saw that BF picture and also thought there was one :D

Hopefully this means we'll be seeing the cover or a music video soon

gui said...

Wow, cool!!

Kevin Brown Bear said...

hmm. could she be revealing the non-fiction Namie?