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'BEST non FICTION' English Translation

English translation of the bonus behind-the-scene and interviews footage 'BEST non FICTION' from 'BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009':

I'm back in my room
For now, I'm going to take a shower
After that...
What time is it?
Going for shower now, good night

Q: What's your after thought about this tour?
This tour, in some ways, was a challenge for me
although it's a tour based on a best album
it's also the first time we removed all Komuro-san songs
Previously, PLAY tour was the first tour we performed 60 shows
and we went to quite a lot of places to perform for the first time
I wanted to let the audience listens to some of my older songs
that's why we performed Komuro-san songs back then
But this time round the tour did not include any of them
that's why I felt that this tour might not surpass the last
therefore it also became a chance to try some new challenging stuffs

Good morning
I woke up before the morning call rang
I think dreamt of something but I can't remember

I wanted to bring the world of BEST FICTION onto the stage
wanted to constantly meet new challenges and proceeds
that's why we redesigned the stage's setting for example

Q:Which part of the show are you the highest in?
The part with the gigantic disco-balls
It was pretty fun and I got really high easily
The present boxes part I also felt really high
because I had a bow on my head
made me felt damn nervous
and so high until I felt a bit scared of myself

Q:How different does it felt sitting and singing that two song from the rest?
I felt so embarrassed that I can't even sat down there comfortably
The attention focused on me was even more intense
when with my dancers, everyone tends to spread out their attention
but without them, all of it will be on me, so embarrassing
It's also so nerve racking until I'm became self-conscious

Q: Was the costumes changing difficult?
The costume changing for the 'shoe' segment was difficult
We can't even managed it on time during the rehearsal for the first show
We tried to find a way to solve this problem
although we will eventually find a way to do it during the actual show
but we failed during a few rehearsals
we can only think of some other strategies in case we really failed
that can only be our last resort
Luckily during the first actual show
we pushed beyond our humans' limit
and managed to change it split second before starting
I guessed we can still make it works non-matter what

Good morning
(Good morning)
Good morning
Good morning
I going to change

Q:Which segment was the hardest?
The second segment was surprisingly the most tiring
In the whole concert, the 'shoe' segment was the longest
it's more relaxing after enduring that
'Full moon' and a few other songs are the most tiring
that's why when standing-by to sing 'Luvotomy'
I had problem climbing up the stairs
my dancers were also behind me worrying I might fall
It's that tiring

Q: Is it tiring to sing 30 songs?

I felt that I'm at my limit even when singing 28 songs in the beginning
I was really conflicted when releasing the new single
I have no idea how to slot in these 2 songs into the show
Don't say 2 songs, adding only 1 more song is tiring enough
In the beginning, it's difficult to endure physically or even mentally
But just like what happened to all my staffs
there's no problem one can't overcome
what's left was to prepare it to the fullest and do my best
although my body and throat were exhausted
I can't afford to waste the effort put into it
Despite all these pressure
I felt really happy
and I can't remember what's the imitate problem was
as long as my fans are there I can continue to put in all my best
I meant it!
Singing and dancing for two and a half hours
was so tiring until I wanted to cry
but when everyone has that happy expressions and voices
I can't be beaten down by some small difficulties

Excuse me
Excuse me
Can you see?
(A bit dark...ya I got it)
(No one is lighting the place)
(Can only shine on your face)
It's ok I can see
What?! What are they screaming for?
Thank you very much

Q: Any tips on managing your beautiful face and figure?
How I did it?
What do you think?
Is it love?
I really agreed with what Tamori-san said
Tamori-san telling the guests about the ways of grown-up
He said that the best is the state delusion
that's why I also...
not sure *laugh*

Q: If one of your wish can grant true...
If I can fulfill one wish I wanted to watch my own concert
I really wanted to watch it live
I wanted to know how I was presented in front of everyone
Normally I'll watch the whole show again to confirm the filming
but it felt like that's a layer of barrier separating it
can't figure out how everyone get so high at that actual moment
I really wanted to watch my own show live

Q: What you want to do most after the tour?
I wanted to play and shout with all my might
even if my throat pains also don't matter

Q: Please say something to all the fans whom went to the tour

The most important is to able to enjoy themselves during the concert
I always felt that I can't only do it to fulfill my own satisfactions
but also to make those attended my concert to come again next time
although I can't state the reason why but I'm still glad
I might not know how to make the atmosphere really really high
but as long as the fans enjoyed themselves and were happy
I'm happy
I'll do my very best in the next tour
Please come and watch again

Despite the distant morning (Baby Don't Cry)
Despite losing love (Baby Don't Cry)

Thank you!
Thank you everyone!

Translated by UH+


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