Monday, August 31, 2009

'BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009' DVD Special site

'BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009' Special site is now opened. Nothing new from the site. You can view the setlist, photos and post your comments regarding the DVD or the live concert you attended.


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Anonymous said...

I am a bit disappointed that there is nothing new from the special site. But it is so amazing to see there are many comments about the best fiction concert in the first day. Wow, it is awesome!!!

I think there is gonna be more to come. When I saw the Countdown and CDTV, i found that there was a "DVD Express" for the best fiction dvd promo. I noticed that there are 9 songs previews in this " DVD express" section. I just guess these 9 songs previews may be promoting for the live dvd.

haha... i can't help but keep checking to see there is anything new updated from the site.