Sunday, August 30, 2009

DVD Preview on Japan Countdown and CDTV

Here's a video of 'BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009' DVD preview by Japan Countdown and CDTV:

uploaded by [tanaka19851111]


Anonymous said...

I'm really tired of seeing the same previews over and over again, we've seen the DMM although this was sort of a new clip, we've seen Rock Steady, New Look, Top's getting really annoying I wanna see So Crazy, or Sexy Girl, some Wishing On The Same Star, and What A Feeling...tired of seeing the same stuff...wish the editing was better but I'll still enjoy the concert, can't wait till my copy gets in.

Anonymous said...

I know, its like the tour has been 10 months, and we had to wait almost a year since it started to get the DVD, and the only previews we've seen are the same, I would rather see all of WILD than Dr., and even if the previews are the same they could show different parts of the performance, but i agree, the songs they have shown arent the ones I've been waiting to see, except DMM, I want to see No, WAF, Black Diamond, Sexy Girl, and songs she didnt perform on her last tour, and she added 60s70s80s to her PLAY Tour during its final shows, so they arent really the first performances, plus the camera work looks kinda, well we all said it, sloppy, I would rather see her dance up close than far away just to see the stage, its like ok, all of her clips open showing the whole stage, we seen it, so you dont need to zoom in and out all the time! we miss good dance moves, like the Top Secret Kick! that move was like .2 seconds and they showed the back halfway through! but i still enjoy what I've been seeing so far! can't wait only 10 more days! XD

r said...

They can only show the clips that they are allowed to by Avex (or Namie or whoever controls it). Those are the only clips they have to show so... yea... I'm tired of the same thing too, but Namie and her ppls don't want to give the whole DVD away I guess.
I'm glad they showed a diff part of DMM too :), and would have liked to see at least Wild, but oh well, only 10 days *excited*

brackdiamon4lyfe said...

You guys should stop whining imo. Like the above person said, they are saving it so you can enjoy it on the DVD. Please be patient. I get where you're coming from, but then, who said you needed to click these clips.