Monday, July 13, 2009

Watch 'BEST FICTION TOUR' In Shanghai on Fliggo

Here are almost 50 minutes long of fan-captured videos from 'BEST FICTION TOUR' in Shanghai:

Edited and uploaded by NATE@AMX


Anonymous said...

I don't think we should be watching this ><. I think that VF might not allow Namie to tour in Shanghai anymore or even worse, Avex might try to shut you down!!!

Let's just wait till September...

urakanariya said...

這太誇張了啦 近50min的偷拍耶


Anonymous said...

Someone posting a fancam of a concert does NOT stop Namie from returning to Shanghai. She should stop touring in Japan then, cuz fancams of those concerts pop up all the time too. So Shanghai-fans - don't worry!

HOWEVER, it IS illegal to post these clips online. Avex Trax own the rights to the concert and anyone posting clips of fancams online are breaking the law, so they could very well either take legal action against the blog-owner or have the blog shut down, for spreading copyrighted material.

Since Avex Trax seem to already have their eyes on this blog, posting these clips was probably not a very clever idea.

Now, I'm no saint, myself. I'll watch these videos, hopefully, before they're taken down, since they ARE available after all XD I'll still buy the DVD (or Blu-ray) when it comes out.

Anonymous said...

Namie fan of Shanghai doesn't have a manner.
When a fan does an illegal act, Namie doesn't do live anymore in Shanghai.

Anonymous said...

Please delete this if you are a true Namie fan.

Anonymous said...

As long as there Namie has fans and as long as there is MONEY TO BE MADE, Namie will NOT stop touring in Shanghai, no matter how many of these fancams that pop up. Avex Trax aren't that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Please delete this video ..... because the concert have rule.Don't take a picture and DV ... please delete !!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to ask...Are you the true fans of Amuro??
You always post illegal stuff that violates all Amuro does. Please RESPECT Amuro's music and yourself!!

Anonymous said...

I also think that these fans shouldn't have taken videos of the concert, but let's be serious here. I wonder how many people actually think that people who are watching these in the first place aren't going to buy the DVD or go to the concert because they can watch these vids with crappy quality... I will still get my concert DVDs regardless of how many of these vids are leaked, and I would assume many, if not all fans are going to do the same. Disagree with what these people did, but I don't think it is going to have a huge impact on tour or DVD sales like some people are making it out to. And it is illegal >_<

Anonymous said...

AVEX email form

angry namie's fan said...


Anonymous said...

concert have rule ! please don't say " because we can't go there and we will buy DVD.. "

No excuse !!!

If you love Namie Amuro and her fans , please delete this video !!!

Anonymous said...

不管是否未來會購買DVD等.. 都不是理由。
( whatever you will or not buy DVD..etc. NO EXCUSE.)

( before this concert , staff will tell us "don't" take a picture,DV..etc..)

(If you are a ture Amuros's Fans .Please RESPECT Amuro's music and yourself!! )

(Please DELETE this article and this video, OK? )

(If this article and video still exist in this website,maybe we will tell AVEX staff this serious situation. )

這是違法且糟糕 !!