Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Version II new layout and updated

After months of neglecting it, I'm giving Namie New Network - Version II - a new look and updating it again. Like I mentioned before, Version II is a stripped-down and simpler version of Namie News Network. Those who like it more, do visit it as often as possible.

Once again those who are interested in being a contributor or author to the blog, please leave me your email address and I'll add you in.

Visit Namie News Network - Version II -




reveriepapillon said...

i've only been to this I don't know what the difference between this and Version II is~ @_@ the layout is cute~ but the layout itself is about the same!

love them both...sorry i know this is probably not helpful! haha

m_m said...

This is so cool!

WM said...

Hello! I am interested in contributing to your blog! Please add me and let me know. (: thank you! (email: