Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Double A-side single coming soon?

According to visionfactory limited-time blog 'BEST non FICTION':

Namie has finished recording songs for a new double A-side single coming soon. It is also mentioned that the song will be 'beautiful & cool', and the single will have huge tie-in. More information will be reveal in up coming time!

Sources are gathered only from Namie Style BBS and, so mostly likely the info is true but we still need to wait for more official sources to confirm this before everyone gets too excited! ^_^"



yuumei said...

^W^ yay! I hope it's really soon!

...but I wonder if her voice will be ok. I mean the extensive tour probably hurts her throat. ><

Anonymous said...

O.o beautiful and cool
so excited!!!
what does it mean by a huge tie-in?

Richie said...

YAY! So exciting! Can't wait to hear what my favorite singer will do next :P

This huge tie in Vidal Sassoon again? Or maybe a tie in with a show?

acougan said...

IINM, she recorded NL before staring her '08 Tour. who knows when RS and WAF was recorded.

Suraj said...




Anonymous said...

too late, i already am!

r said...

I'm excited too! Where is this blog by the way?

Julie said...

It's a mobile blog, only for japanese ones. put on air a space for a New tie-up!!!!!!!

I don't know if it's about new CM or just some kind of different promotion as the 60s & 70s Barbie Dolls... but it's something new after all!

This blog's owner speaks chinese?

Zeny said...

Yeah! I am so exited!!

Yanik_01 said...

Yes!! We've been waiting for this ;D

Anonymous said...

Can i know the URL to the blog?