Sunday, January 25, 2009


Let me introduce you to Mitchel Matuszak, a.k.a RoflWaffleLova on youtube. He's the guy who wrote and sung Namie's songs in english! I went to his site and downloaded all his english cover of Namie's songs and compiled them into one album:

"Mitchel Matuszak presents NAMIE AMURO ENGLISH COVERS"

01. I WILL (English Version)
02. Put 'Em Up (English Version)
03. SO CRAZY (English Version)
04. Come (English Version)
05. Four seasons (English Version)
06. ALARM (English Version)
07. WANT ME, WANT ME (English Version)
08. Violet Sauce (English Version)
09. CAN'T SLEEP, CAN'T EAT, I'M SICK (English Version)
10. Baby Don't Cry (English Version)
11. FUNKY TOWN (English Version)
12. Hide & Seek (English Version)
13. NEW LOOK (English Version)
14. ROCK STEADY (English Version)
15. WHAT A FEELING (English Version)

Download here.

All the lyrics can be found at



Anonymous said...

wow this is interesting! thats cool he covered so many of her songs! I hope he sounds good! I often wondered how her lyrics would translate over because the english translation doesn't rhyme as it does in japanese.

Anonymous said...

wow! he did a really good job! I'm really impressed!

Anonymous said...

omg i thought i was the only one who listened to him

Anonymous said...

oh my god ... he's awesome for a guy singing Namie song ... I'm impressed ;p

Anonymous said...

Wow these are actually very good.
Nice voice and singing...

Anonymous said...

her singing style reminds me of Utada, and i like him but in songs like Put 'em up (and that kind os style) he could sound more... "happy", anyway, namie isn't the happiest person in the world (I mean, when she acts :P)

Anonymous said...

His actually very good...for a guy singing Namie Amuro songs...but anyway his cool

ddrtears said...

LOL you giuys are just now getting to Mitchel lol OMG i have loved Mitchel for ever i stumbled across him on youtube and i introduced my friend to him about 6 or 7 months ago lol you should check out the song beautful world omg its awesome

Anonymous said...

I cant really stand his voice when he sings Namie's songs...