Saturday, January 24, 2009

VS 「Bourgeois Gorgeous」 CMs out!

Three versions of the new Vidal Sassoon 「Bourgeois Gorgeous」 CMs are available at on 23/1:

15sec. TV-CM

30sec. TV-CM

45sec. Web-limited Special CM

uploaded by [m7411913]


reveriepapillon said...

i dono how i feel about the is like overly cheerful in the middle! but the cm looks GORGEOUS~ lol just like the theme~

r said...

The song is so unusual... I love the beginning part in the 45 sec one... the only part I'm iffy on is the "save us doctor" part... and I still like it, I'm just puzzled as to how it fits with the rest of the song. Maybe when I hear the entire thing...

And... I LOVE the CM... She's like a fantasy princess or something XD.

Anonymous said...

its very unique song, very different, maybe takes time to getting use to it. I'm still waiting for another A-side song.
this CF is very different, and gorgeous! very vouge style.

Anonymous said...

it kinda sounds like Pink Key with the drums. its not as catchy as the other songs for videl. i'm not sure about the "save us doctor" either. the words don't seem to fit the video theme. but i guess this is going to be like "do me more" which had a different cm and pv. but since this is a double a-side, there will be a pv for "wild". i can't wait to hear what that sounds like! afterall these will probably be on her next studio album and "wild/dr." will give us a taste of her new sound!

Biela said...

I'm still very intrigued by "Dr.", as it seems I can't recognize a pattern for it so far - but that is actually amazing me, hehe *-* the Brazilians fans are seeming to like the song, for what I have noticed until now.
I just LOVE the "Dr." instrumental on Vidal's site! *-*~

Suraj said...

i really like the CM's. the 45-sec one is the best cz u get to hear the song! and its pretty good :)

K A said...

^ Thanks to Biela for referring the instrumental on the vidal site!

I actually like the instrumental because it's all Bourgeois-ey, Baroque/Luxurious in the beginning of the sample. Then all of the sudden (and maybe) the modern Gorgeous concept is the band that plays after? haha I'm just taking a shot in the dark here.

I can't wait for it to come out =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new CM... and I can't wait for her single to come out!

Biela said...

You are welcome!! :D
I also can't wait for the single to come out!! :D So curious about WILD as well, love the name!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the song, it's such a mess from what i hear from the CM but that just made me love it. i can't wait x3