Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More dates for 'BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009'

According to Visionfactory, Namie added another 16 more dates to 'BEST FICTION TOUR', making it 56 shows in total:

2009/03/07 - Yokohama Arena
2009/03/08 - Yokohama Arena
2009/04/04 - Nagano M-WAVE Olympic Memorial Arena
2009/04/05 - Nagano M-WAVE Olympic Memorial Arena
2009/04/10 - Okayama Sougou Bunka Taiikukan
2009/04/11 - Okayama Sougou Bunka Taiikukan
2009/04/18 - Mie Prefectural Sun Arena
2009/04/28 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium
2009/04/29 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium
2009/05/09 - Green Dome Maebashi
2009/05/16 - B-Con Plaza Convention Hall
2009/05/17 - B-Con Plaza Convention Hall
2009/05/23 - Nihon Gaichi Hall (Aichi)
2009/05/24 - Nihon Gaichi Hall (Aichi)
2009/05/30 - Morioka Ice Arena
2009/05/31 - Morioka Ice Arena

Really hoped that she will add in a few overseas shows too...



♩♪♫♬ Amy ♬♫♪♩ said...

will she hold one in Taiwan this time?

Julie-chan said...

Namie is out of her mind!

this tour was already massive!!!!

Why she just doesn't do concert at all Domes?

r said...

It's probably 'cause BEST FICTION is so popular... but yea, she's gonna be exhausted by the end--especially if she releases a single during this time (and she's bound to release a single by next May, right?)

Shadowcat said...

wow im curious how big will be audience of BEST FICTION TOUR

KA said...

She is insane o_o I'll be dead tired from all that traveling almost every two weeks with performing, practicing, keeping healthy and energetic through all performances!

<3 her

Zeny said...

I wish she could go to america. I would do anything to go to her concert. Its my dream to go to her concert. I would probally get to go when she is 40 but I bet she would still look like she is in her 20's. So I wouldnt mind.

Anonymous said...

why isn't Singapore listed there ??? lol ... ;p ... Please come to our Sunny city ...

Suraj said...

i thought the tour would end in Feb :O it shows here tht itll be till MAY?