Saturday, November 15, 2008

Updates from 'BEST non FICTION'

Here are photos of namie posted on 'BEST non FICTION' blog:

Apparently, these private photos of namie from her temporarily 'BEST non FICTION' blog can only be received through mobile phones. So thank you very much for the person who willing to share these with the rest of us!

thanks [Meire] for the photos


acougan said...

haha, i wonder what is she having for lunch/dinner in the 1st pict? looks yummy.

Suraj said...

lol. nice pics but whats the site of the blog!!??

Suraj said...

hmm, she was having crab :P

Julie-chan said...

There's no site.. it's a cel blog.

Meire is going to translate to portuguese what namie posts on her blog... *OOOOOOOOOOO*

she is so sweet!

There's more pics from her web blog, older ones... very cute