Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dec 2008 Design: Stylish brown.

Here's the new design for December 2008!

This time round, I'm using a magazine shoot from 'PINKY' and created a simple yet stylish banner that is easy to the eyes with lots of details in it! Namie's hair-texture, her jacket, accessories on her wrist, the cool-looking fonts and also those small little snowflakes! (Lol! It's the christmas season!) And I using just simple brown for the blog color theme simply to match the banner.

It's my simplest banner so far! Hope you like it too! ^_^



Anonymous said...

!!!It's really nice! Simple=good ^-^

But, i wonder what you would have done if you made a red+green layout?

Anyway, very pretty <3 good job!

Carol said...

Very nice! I love it (: Simplicity is the key!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new banner !