Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"a-nation'08" FINAL on Mezamashi TV

Mezamashi TV's report on "a-nation'08" final show in Tokyo on 31 Aug:



Anonymous said...

Haha woooo for DAI coming back. Too bad they showed Namie for such a short time >_<. Wish she would go back to the mini-skirt look haha, I am not liking for one-piece/hot pants kind of thing she has been doing recently. She looks really pretty compared to some of the other "glam girls" though. Ayu looks kind of gross all sweaty like that and Koda Kumi looks a little tubby in her outfit. Don't know why you would wear so much make-up if you knew you were going to be getting sweaty.

Anonymous said...

Why was Hitomi wearing a cosplay?