Tuesday, September 16, 2008

'BEST FICTION' Week 7 Sales

安室奈美恵 - "BEST FICTION"

Position: #5

Week 7: 43,608
Total: 1,341,740



r said...

Awww 5th... heheh but still the sales didn't drop too much. Sales for BF have been very consistent :D

I hope it goes to 1.5 mil... but really, at this point it's sold so much it really doesn't matter ^_^

Anonymous said...

I hope she can overtake Exile Love as top album! Go Go Namie!

Deana said...

just 7 weeks and she sold 1,343,552 its GREAT!!

its really GOOD cuz last week it was 55,318 and now it 43,608!
its O.k^^

but now she in 5 position:'[

Suraj said...

5th position disappointed me a bit but the sales definitely didnt :D all i want now is fr it to surpass the 1.5 MILLION mark, which it will. so im very glad. FORTY THREE FRIGGIN THOUSAND COPIES MAN.

Suraj said...

OH. a site just mentioned this now:

BEST FICTION is also back in the top 3 daily today selling 3,969.


Thats a relieffff. the good things just never end for Namie :D love uuuu.

Anonymous said...

i really hope ayumi's best album total sales not passing amuro's album total sale. (in this month)
go amuro!!!

Julie-chan said...

A COMPLETE will not pass BEst Ficiton sellings... there was a huge drop on A COMPLETE sellings

There was some meaningfull releasings this week.. that's the reason of the 5th place. But BF is a very stable album.. so I really think this week it will rise on charts.

I really hope BF passes EXILE LOVE, and be the most selling album on 2008!


deana said...


lili said...

happy birthday NAMIE CHAN!!!!!
i love you!!!!
wow namie 31 years old....OO:
she looks like 26:))