Friday, August 8, 2008

Full video of 'Making the PV of Do Me More'

Here's a full 16 minutes version of the making video of 'Do Me More' aired on channel-a. They took more than 20 hours to film the PV:

You can see much more choreography of 'Do Me More' in this video than the PV. Looked rather good imo. Can't wait to see the live performance of it!!

uploaded by [pleasesmileagain2]


Anonymous said...

You are right, when you see the choreography continuously like that, it looks much better than the clips they showed during the PV (direction was pretty bad for this PV imo, he did much better in the VidalxMusic ones I think). Wonder if she is going to change her hair again in her next arena concert. I didn't really like the PLAY hair but it was a nice change from the usual one she uses.

r said...

Agree. Choreography looks much better in this. They left a lot of the good stuff out of the video. Do Me More should look really good live ^^. And I think she'll change the hair again since she hasn't used it since PLAY tour.

Anonymous said...

that dog was too cute :) I want it!