Sunday, August 17, 2008

Channel-a 'Making the PV of Sexy Girl'

Here are the video of the making of 'Sexy Girl' PV aired on 7 Aug on Channel-a:

I must say namie is really cheerful and goofy during the making of. She must be in a very good mood that day compared to the making of 'Do Me More' when she's so tired and moody. ^_^

uploaded by [JPOPnewsCLIPS]


deana said...

god damet! she is so cute!!!!!!!
she is so beautiful! so cute and funny!

namie your are so lovely and special person.

i love you soo much... you are unbelievable amazing sexy NAMIE^^


meroko said...

It looks like Namie had fun filming this pv!
I'm so happy that she smiles a lot during the filming!! And I so love her kung-fu pose <3
Namie you are the BEST!! The Queen of Beauty and J-pop!!

Anonymous said...

She's such a cheerful and funny person. What a dork.

And concerning the Do Me More PV, she didn't seem moody at all. Tired most likely. lol