Monday, July 28, 2008

Photos of 'BEST FICTION' Digipak

These photos show how the actual 'BEST FICTION' digipak and the posters looks like:

photos by [A-kumo]


Anonymous said...

I don't get this...are there two posters or just one printed from both sides? o_0

shadowcat said...

i hope it has good booklet this time ;) after play (without booklet) and QOHP (few page booklet) i wanna more more pics ;)

today cdjapan send my copy of BF so i will have it in poland ON RELASE DAY!
cant sleep cant eat cant wait ;)

Anonymous said...

i got first press of this: is this what my package is going to look like. if that's so. XD AHH!! i'll be so happy! lol

Anonymous said...

I got the CD only version and can say that there is only 1 poster printed on 1 side, and that poster is the one posted all the way at the bottom to the right. But how do I know this? WOOT!!! I got my copy today! I couldn't believe it at first because they sent an email late Sunday saying they've shipped it. Then my package came ON THE RELEASE DATE! And it was my 1st time I ordered from cdjapan too.

Well, vaios, I hope my answer helped a bit.

TIP: Everyone with a first press, get the poster laminated! The beauty of Namie Amuro has got to be protected! :D