Thursday, July 17, 2008

namie amuro BEST FICTION 2008-2009

According to this ticket selling website for the 11/15 show, the new tour will be entitled "namie amuro BEST FICTION 2008-2009".

Here are the tour dates and stadium arena venues for your info:
October 2008
25 - Makuhari Messe Event Hall
26 - Makuhari Messe Event Hall

November 2008
01 - Hokkaido Sports Center
08 - Fukui Sun Dome
15 - Shizuoka ECOPA Arena
22 - Hiroshima Green Arena
29 - Marine Messe Fukuoka
30 - Marine Messe Fukuoka

December 2008
06 - Saitama Super Arena
07 - Saitama Super Arena
13 - Sendai Hot House Super Arena
20 - Aomori Aoi Mori Arena

January 2009
14 - Nagoya Nihon Gaishi Hall
15 - Nagoya Nihon Gaishi Hall
20 - Osaka Jo Hall
21 - Osaka Jo Hall
24 - Kagoshima Arena
30 - Niigatashi Sangyoushinkou Center

February 2008
10 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium
11 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium
13 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium
14 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium
26 - Osaka Jo Hall
27 - Osaka Jo Hall

March 2008
20 - Okinawa Convention Center



Anonymous said...

gosh she's gonna be on tour for 6 months that kinda a long time to be touring.

shadowcat said...

she will be not performing in tokyo hall?

btw namie allways has long tours ;)

MM said...

I wonder why she doesn't want to do a dome tour ???

daniel said...

boww logn tour

she need come to chile

Anonymous said...

shadowcat, she's not performing in Tokyo Hall because that's a HALL and this is an ARENA tour =D

mm, Dome tours cost way more money to produce and you need to have a veeeeery large amount of fans/people willing to pay to see you live to fill in the whole Dome.

Mike said...

Is any of them in Tokyo? Which one is the next biggest city? I may try an get tickets.

Anyone where to get them?

Anonymous said...

I think that the closest to tokyo is on Oct 25/26 at Makuhari. Details in japanese on this page

You can use google to translate it. Now I haven't quite figure out how to buy the tickets from Singapore.