Thursday, July 31, 2008

'BEST FICTION' Special Interview

Here's a Mezamashi TV special interview with namie about 'BEST FICTION' and the history of namie amuro for the past 16 years:

Wish I knew what she was saying! >_<



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I don't really watch a lot of Amuro interviews on the internet, but I was interested in what she had to say about "BEST FICTION."

It's her first interview with Mezamashi TV in 13 years. They talk about her CM appearances like the "Do-Sexy" (Super Sexy) phrase, which she says when she first heard it, she thought that it would be the only time used for her (she doesn't consider herself sexy at all, especially "Do-sexy", silly Amuro-chan). They then go into her 16 year history, from Super Monkeys to post-Komuro. She's asked about the last six years, after she stopped working with Komuro, which she says that she was finally given a chance to challenge herself and do things she wanted to do. It's like she's now in a period where she self-produces. Before in the Komuro age, she was just sang songs that were given to her, and when things changed she did have concerns. She moved to R&B and Hip-hop music, with lyrics that were difficult to sing. Amuro even admits the songs are difficult. She says that she never sang chorus before, and the melodies are difficult, that she thinks she's not a very good singer.

In the Komuro age, she was a number one singer, but afterwards she wasn't. She's asked if she was concerned that fans would stop listening to her, which she says there is, and there was a time that she doubted herself, which way she should take her music. However, fashion wise, she's always stayed on top as the fashion queen. She's constantly been on the cover of Vivi for 12 years. The editor of Vivi says that her cover issues sell out in about three days. Fashion Designer Don Konishi says that when she wore a Burberry skirt one time, it sold out in Japan within a few days. Amuro is not one to follow fashion trends, but wears what she wants. There has never been a fashion leader in the history of Japan like Amuro.

The word to descibe Amuro is not "cute," "pretty," or "sexy," but "kakkoii (cool)". Amuro says that she wants to be cool, and she doesn't think cute, pretty, or sexy is really her. The interviewer tells her that all those words describe her, which she says to someone off camera (probably her manager) "So he says" while giggling (she's so cute!).

They talk about her #1 album and #1 single in years, which she was happy about. She feels these last six years, she felt relaxed doing things she wanted to. She feels that she's not really a leader, but a follower these past years. Regarding turning thirty, she says that people look at her differently, surprised at her age. She talks about how they put her age in brackets on the screen after her name, and how they should get rid of that. :> The announcers talk about Amuro and how she doesn't look thirty and her songs.

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Yeah! My favorite part was when she said she wished they would not put her age in brackets after her name... and pretends to "push" it off of the screen. So cute <3

Sushik said...

IN France, Best Fiction cost about 35euros, I seen it this morning at junku in Paris.

I didn't have enought to buy it ='(