Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Namie new best album entitled 'BEST FICTION' !

According to 'Otome no PUNCH' site, namie new best album is entitled 'BEST FICTION'

 ドラマのテーマ主題歌は、安室奈美恵さんの「Sexy Girl」です。こちらは安室奈美恵さんのベストアルバム「BEST FICTION」 (7/30発売予定)に収録される予定です。詳しくは、レコード店などでお問い合わせください。

Weird title isn't it? I have no idea why is called 'Fiction'? ^_^;



shadowcat said...

really weird title...maybe she will tell more about title in some interviews or something?

Girl said...

(I don't speak English well)

I like this title.
namie is often say
"I make me that I want wannabe"
I tink BEST FICTION is this meaning

Suraj said...

i love the title! maybe shes trynna say that all thats happened since 2002 is unreal, surreal. and thts y she considers it 'fiction' meaning unreal. a simple titles not gonna change how i feel abt her. i think the titles pretty fine. i love Namie :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's telling a story or something?

Ultra Micah said...

I think Namie is sharing the story of her life as well. This collection covers her divorce and her turn from Komuro to R&B. Also, following the PLAY album and its theme of an imaginary funkytown among other things, maybe this album is referencing an imaginary place that's fun for Namie and her fans.