Friday, June 27, 2008

New July theme & NNN Radio

The new theme for July will be back to the desert while chilling out together with namie in a comfortable and cosy western-style restaurant. The only difference will be just the color change to brown based...


Namie News Network Radio

I also added something new to the blog this time round. I had a account for quite a while but never really fully utilize it. So I decided to use it to upload all the namie albums in my collection and more onto, and called it 'NNN Radio'! ^_^ The discography is not completed yet and I'll find time to upload them one by one in the next few days. It'll also be the place that I'll be uploading any new music files from namie onto. So those interested, feel free to click on the logo here or below the side-bar to visit it! Thanks!



Vaioleto said...

OMG... seriously, you are so awesome, I love you!

The new theme? HOTTTTTTT

Anonymous said...

A radio is a good idea ! ^^

ville said...

NNN radio ? you're so nice :) <3

And the new theme is just so lovely <3